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Re: Sendmail with deliver, procmail, or mailagent?

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Raul Miller wrote:

> Scott Ellis <storm@gate.net> wrote:
> > My primary concern here is that spawning an extra shell process for each
> > mail delivery increases mail delivery overhead dramatically.  I'd prefer
> > sendmail's current knowledge of what it is delivering to, so it can
> > support its features directly.  Thinking about it, I believe deliver and
> > procmail need slightly different feature listings for sendmail, which
> > would make a generic script even more sub-optimal.
> Then don't spawn an extra process.  Shell scripts that execute a single
> command can use "exec".

The problem is that the shell process needs to run so it knows to run
exec.  Sendmail at the moment doesn't need that shell process, so invoking
it is overhead we don't need.

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