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Re: pristine sources?

> Why doesn't dpkg do this?

there are three things, that some people do :
a) unpack into a single diretory (names PACKAGE, PACKAGE-VERSION,
	PACKAGE_VERSION, and other strange names)
b) unpack diretly without a subdir (a.c b.c c.c main.c header.h Makefile
c) unpack into a directory and a README and a lsm file 

we can and should handle a). 
if we handle b) we will not see that c) doesn't work.

but the good news is, that very very few packages use c).

the other big problem we have with source packages :
in many pristime source are binaries included. we make a "make clean",
and now there is a binary in the .orig, that is not in the new version.
this was solved by ignoring deleted files, but i do not like this
solution (ignoring deleted binaries would maybe be ok, but ignoring
anything is a dirty hack).

maybe we can handle all problems automaticaly. 
but a clean way would be a command in the .dsc file, that tells
dpkg-source what to do. only a tought, currently it looks like we don't
need it. 

the most important thing is :
document it ! i had to look at the dpkg-source code, and i didn't
understand everything, i can only guess.


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