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Re: Policy mailing lists

>>"Greg" == Greg Vence <gvence@bellsouth.net> writes:

Greg> Ian Jackson wrote:

>> (a) you didn't know about the imminent nature of this policy and
>> would have wanted to add your input during its formation ?  In this
>> case I'd say that it's reasonable to ask you to subscribe to
>> debian-policy.

Greg> I believe it is close to the (a) choice.  What would be useful
Greg> is a mechanism that brings the developer mail on policy
Greg> discussions that affect their packages.  In other words it may
Greg> be useful to use <package>@packages.debian.org for more than
Greg> announcements or bring the discussion back to debian-devel.

	In other words, you do not like the debian-policy mailing
 list. I do not blame you. I did not like the explosion either. But it
 _was_ decided to have the policy matters moved to the policy list,
 and I think we gotta live with it. 

	Moreover, it may not be feasib;e to bring in all the packages
 that may be effected by every topic on the policy lists, since at
 least fir some the packages affected are not immediately clear, or
 may involve a large number.

	I also would not care to get several duplicates, but that is
 mostly personal preference, and only a minor technical issue, and
 hence not really relevant.

Greg> Also, some maintainers may prefer a mechanism that would allow
Greg> them to remove the package from the thread if the deam it
Greg> irrelavent.

	This is getting way too complex. People who wish to craft
 policy should get on the mailing list. Changes to policy should be
 distributed more widely. 

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