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Re: Policy mailing lists

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Dale writes:
> > My point is that this situation tends to ignore the effected
> maintainer
> > who has too much to do to get involved in "all" policy decissions.
> >
> > It has come clear to me that I _must_ subscribe to debian-policy if
> I can
> > ever hope to keep up with the flow of things. This completely
> defeats the
> > primary reason for splitting the lists. I'm not so sure that I
> "need" to
> > be involved in crafting policy. I am pretty sure that I need a
> better way
> > to keep track of the ebb and flow of said policy.
> Are you complaining that
> (a) you didn't know about the imminent nature of this policy and would
> have wanted to add your input during its formation ?  In this case I'd
> say that it's reasonable to ask you to subscribe to debian-policy.
I believe it is close to the (a) choice.  What would be useful is a
mechanism that brings the developer mail on policy discussions that
affect their packages.  In other words it may be useful to use
<package>@packages.debian.org for more than announcements or bring the
discussion back to debian-devel.  Also, some maintainers may prefer a
mechanism that would allow them to remove the package from the thread if
the deam it irrelavent.

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