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Re: Once again: libc6 packages compatibility etc...

Hmm... don't really know how to interpret your mail. I quite agree
with what you said, however, it sounds to me just like you disagree
with my last mail.  So here come some clarification, just in case...

Andreas Jellinghaus writes:
 > > * several packages already do not contain "lib"
 > > 
 > > Thus, it seems to me a good idea to drop "lib" in package names where
 > > possible, but IMHO this cannot systematically  be used to distinguish
 > > libc5 from libc6 packages.
 > we shall not rename ncurses to libncurses, the name is already long
 > enough. we shall not rename libc6 to c6, the old name is fine.

That's what I meant by saying "where possible"

 > a maintain should choose the prefered name for the library, there is no
 > advantage with a name starting with "lib".


 > btw : i maintain giflib, and renamed the libgif* packages to giflib*,
 > so source name and binary name are in sync. this might be confusing, but
 > any lotution would be confusing.

no objection.

 > > However, this can be done, but then the whole distribution will be
 > > inconsistent.
 > a) we don't want to clasify packages by name. that's what section is for.

But that's what we are doing by using this "g" convention anyway !

When I advocate concistency, it's just to prevent having libc5/6
distinction done by some maintainers using "g", and by others by
suppressing any superfluous "lib" in the package's name.

 > b) if we want to be conssistent, we should use the upstream name and not
 > rename anything. this will end in libc6, ncurses and giflib.

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