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Re: debstd-like tool for those who don't want to use debmake

Hi guys,

	A long time ago, I had started working ona debmake replacement
 effort, and even reached a kind of consensus on this group on the
 requirements for such a tool. I then started working on it, but my
 effort has been stagnant for nearly six months now. I apologize for
 dropping the ball. (I can still post the requirtements document,
 since some of it may still be salvageagle).

	I am bringing it up since my effort was a combination of the
 two methods proposed here, and I think that with deb-helps I can
 rapidly bring it to the experimental phase.

	The tools uses a bunch of scripts that do what the deb-helper
 scripts do: break up the monolithic debstd scripts. However, instead
 of being run at package build time (which creates probems for
 different versions on different machines), the scripts create small
 Make file snippets that can be included in the rules file with
 include directives; so effectively they are like an auto-rules

 Step 1: Run debmk. 
         It looks at the package like debmake, and creates
         Creates a ./debian/rules template.

 step 2: Edit files as needed
        Look at the files in  ./debian/makesnippets/. Say you find
         that some are not quite right, so you *First copy them* 
           cp debian/makesnippets/Man.dist debian/makesnippets/Man
	You already have a template to work from; you make your
	changes. Edit ./debian/rules template, leaving the include
	directives alone.

 step 3: running make -f debian/rules.
	The include directives include debian/makesnippets/Man file,
	if it exists, or uses the default debian/makesnippets/Man.dist

 step N: updating the snippets.
	Firstly, this is doe by the developer when they wish, and when
 	 they are ready to upgrade, not accidentally because the target
	 machine has a different version of debmk.
        Secondly, no user changes are lost, since debmk-upgrade does
         not *ever* write debian/makesnippets/Man, it would only update
         the default debian/makesnippets/Man.dist. 

	If people are still interested, I could either polish my
 efforts with the help of deb-helper, or put it somewhere for others
 to develop it further.

 The decision doesn't have to be logical, it is unanimous.
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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