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Re: Building Debian Packages

On Sep 09, Mark W. Blunier wrote
> Using some of the information that has been recently submitted I was able
> to create my first Debian package.  While the info was enough to the job
> done, I had several questions and made many errors along the way before
> I was able to determine the proper procedures.
> I thought that I could make a helpful document for other new developers,
> so before I forgot what it was I wanted to know as a first time installer,
> I made the document up.  I would appreciate any constructive criticism, or
> note if it is useful and should be contributed to Debian doc program.  You
> can find it at
> www.prairienet.org/~blunier/homepage.html

Unfortunately, your site is unreachable at the moment, so I can't share
my impressions with you :(.
Th real reason  I replied is to take a chance to talk about my
own creation  of a similar kindi :).  3 or 4  months ago, there was a similar
 thread on debian-devel (complaints of lack of documentation).   At that 
time , I volunteered  to write a longer  HOWTO-type document describing 
package creation.  This summer, I finally got down to writing  it, and 
wrote several chapters, but then got swamped with other things, and still
am evven  more so now.  In any case, the document is usable now, IMO.  The
only  major thing it is missing is the library packaging instructions.  

the time I started writing it, however, I changed my opinion  of it, and now 
tend to think that it's  kind of bloated and what we really neeed is the type 
of documents you and Jaldhar  are putting together (i.e. a small introduction)
and the advanced stuff is covered well enough in the packaging manual.  I  am
interested to see what  other people think about it, so I'd like everyone 
interested to look over my packagin HOWTO, and let me know what  you think.
If there is enough  interest, I'll continue working on it.

The URL is http://www.pics.com/~igor/debian/programmer.html/index.html

Proudly running Debian Linux! Linux vs. Windows is a no-Win situation....
Igor Grobman           igor@debian.org                 igor@digicron.com 

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