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Re: xlib6g and emacs (and others)

David Engel wrote:
> I suspect it is built correctly.  What you are seeing is a misfeature
> of ldd when dealing with shared libraries and, unfortunately, there is
> no easy way to fix it.
> The problem is that ldd uses the libc6 dynamic linker when it is run
> on shared libraries because the older way I used to do it was broken.
> As a result, depenencies are searched as if they are need for a libc6
> program.  In your case, this causes the libc6-based X libs to be found
> which also brings in libc6.
> I'll think about the problem, but I'm not sure how soon or even if I
> can come up with a good solution.

Do you suggest I use dpkg-shlibdeps to find the dependancies (which would
make it depened on libc6 and probably xlib6g as well), or hack something in
like specifying my own dependancies?

see shy jo

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