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Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

Raul> Then make fix the alien interface so it uses the gnu interface.

	This might be possible if the two install-info programs were
 really doing similar tasks with different interfaces,
 unfortunately, they seem to be different programs with the same

	The GNU install-info instslls info files in the correct info
 directory; it makes no effort to update the dir file.

	The Debian install info does not install info files in the
 correct directory -- this is already done by the normal packaging
 process. All it does is edit the dir file in the info directory. 

Raul> Also, deal with the interface problem so both interfaces can be
Raul> cleanly used on the same system (without having to hack
Raul> $PATH). It's possible to do this by providing a dinstall-info
Raul> and a ginstall-info, but I'd be happier with a --debian and a
Raul> --gnu option.

	I think that since the two programs have non-interlapping
 functions, we should not try to provide a common front end.

	As Ian indicated, we should create a /var/lib/dinfo/
 directory, where people upload files which are snippets of dir files,
 update-dinfo should be called to parse package provided snippets in
 /var/lib/dinfo, and, if valid, recreate the dir file. This should
 reduce the risk of corruption of the dir file.

Raul> Once this is done, maybe submit a patch for automake that tries
Raul> to use the --gnu option before trying without that option.

	No, IMHO we should leave the GNU install-info alone, no patch
 to automake (anyway, automake already handles the non-interoperability
 by looking for and avoiding Debian install-info).

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