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Re: Bug#12506: #!/bin/bash - Solaris compatibility??

The problem is that the scripts debstd generates are bash dependant.
Solaris opened my eyes true. The changes were not only made to be
compatible to Solaris. 

I think we should face up to the fact that most of our scripts are bash
dependant. Most of our rules files are too. Someone else sent me a bug
report a while ago saying that I should change all the /bin/sh's to
/bin/bash. I was not fond of that idea at the time. But after the Solaris
experience I think it is the correct way. /bin/sh might be changed to ash
or something under Linux.

This is not a bug. We should discuss this on debian-devel if necessary.

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:

>Package: debmake
>Version: 3.3.12
>debstd now makes preinst and postinst to be #!/bin/bash scripts, even if
>they do not depend on bash at all. It should not do that.
>[ If you want "Solaris compatibility", why don't just symlink sh -> bash
>in /bin? ]
>There is a paragraph in the GNU coding standards saying "all shell scripts
>should begin with #!/bin/sh". Is this not written anywhere in our
>policy manuals?

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