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Re: lambdamoo-core and lamdamoo-server virtual packages plus, moo user

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Joey Hess wrote:
> So what's the point then of keeping this bootstrap file around after your
> moo is started?

You might want to have more than one moo at once.  Or you might want to
start from scratch.  Etc.  These cores arent that big.  If you have enough
memory to be running a moo at all, you  have enough room to keep a 1 meg
core around.

> I see what you're getting at, but I can't reconcile it with the debian way
> of doing things. If your core file isn't under the control of dpkg, there's
> no reason to install a lambdacore package at all, you can just download it
> by hand.

Im not sure I understand this.  Thats why I was thinking of "named" moo's.
Prompt the user for the "name" of the moo, then its all accounted for
nicely, and handles different moo's on the same machine nicely.

Btw, that tutorial you showed me was excellent.... for making a source
package.  Ill dredge through and see what I can dig up on making a
binary package.

> I guess once it stabalizes, I might just replace the current lambdamoo
> package with it.

r4 is stable, has been for 4 months now.  Its r3 that has the "crash" bug

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