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Re: lambdamoo-core and lamdamoo-server virtual packages plus, moo user

Manong Dibos wrote:
> I disagree.  The "core" database should NOT change.  It should remain
> untouched.  You merely use the core to "bootstrap" your own core.

So what's the point then of keeping this bootstrap file around after your
moo is started?

> So I guess /usr/lib/lambdamoo would be appropriate for the "starting"
> cores.  However, /var/lib/lambdamoo is entirely appropriate for the actual
> "operating" moo databases that you get after the first checkpoint of your
> new moo.

I see what you're getting at, but I can't reconcile it with the debian way
of doing things. If your core file isn't under the control of dpkg, there's
no reason to install a lambdacore package at all, you can just download it
by hand.

> K.  Maybe sometime later.  But the performance enhancements apparently
> make it much faster, and no work is currently being done on the p series
> of lambdamoo servers.

I guess once it stabalizes, I might just replace the current lambdamoo
package with it.

see shy jo

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