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Re: In praise of fakeroot

On Fri 05 Sep 1997, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> Could someone give me a quick rundown on what debmake does exactly?
> I based my package on hello-debmake from projects/experimental,
> but as I recall it only uses debstd, not debmake, and I just
> build it with dpkg-buildpackage. Is there a better tool?

deb-make is a collection of tools :

a) debmake - started in a fresh, undebianized tree, it will create a
	copy (for the orig.tar.gz), and then create a debian/ directory
	with lots of example files. this way you don't need to search
	how you can do something : there is a working example.
b) debstd - called from debian/rules before dpkg --build.
	does a lot of nice things : copies debian/init.d to the right
	location, if i have debian/inittab, it creates a post/pre script
	to add and delete my add-on. if i have debian/inetd.conf, it
	modifies the pre/post scripts to call update-inetd,
	and cares about lot's of other files.
	the other part of debstd is : it checks the debian/tmp/ tree for
	various things : executables in strange locations, files in /etc
	not marked as conffile, executables without man page, man pages
	in the source that were not installed, it gzips man pages and
	the big documentation files.
	and maybe much more. read the documentation (if there is none :
	read the source :-)

c)	uscan/uupdate : i never tried, but these read debian/watch  -
	a file with the location where you got the source, connect to
	the ftp server, look if there is a new version, get it, unpack
	it, apply the old diff to the new version, and other stuff.
	this way a cron job can look if a new release of a program is
	out, and do the automatic things like downloading, renaming the
	directory if needed, applying the old diff etc.

d)	build. a small command, that was used suid root to call
	debian/rules without using su, sudo or doing everything as root.
	as far as i know, all it does is to call debian/rules.

e-?)	many other small utilities (deblint and others),like 
	todo - add a note to TODO
	done - move the note  from the TODO to the changelog
	release - upload the file to master, create an announcement,
		look at changelog and close bugs if you fixed some
	dch - add an entry to the changelog file (maybe increase number)
	debsums	- check md5sums of a package
	debpkg - suid wrapper for dpkg (all user should be able to call
		dpkg for --list functions, etc. but you maybe want to
		set debpkg suid root, and restrict access to a certain
	debi - install current version of a package on local system
	debconf - run configure script ?????????????
	debclean - cleans up : debian/rules clean and remove deb,
		changes and dsc files
	debc - like dpkg -I dpkg -c but from within source tree.


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