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Re: analog copyright question

On Sun, 31 Aug 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> I was looking at analog's copyright today, and I think it needs to go into
> non-free. :-( I'm looking for a second opinion from someone more legally
> knowledable than I..

I just had a quick look. It looks like the author really wants to make
this `free' software, but you're right, two points are not completely DFSG

> 3) The program may be copied and distributed by any person or organisation in
>    any way whatsoever, provided that any distribution is accompanied by a copy
>    of the Readme file pertaining to the program. You may not charge for
>    distributing the program without first informing the person to whom it is
>    distributed that analog is free software. 
> < This is a weird requirement. We do publisize a lot that debian is free
> software, but is that good enough to meet this requirement? >

We do not state that _analog_ is free software. (Take me as an example: I
sell Debian CDs with analog, but I don't have a note on my web page
stating that analog is `free'.)

> < A problem since I have to modify the readme to fix URLs and so on. Would
> it be ok to make a copy of the readme, and modify that, keeping an untouched
> version in the package? >

Yes, I think so. Just call the original readme file README, and the Debian
version README.debian (or similar). 

Perhaps you should contact the author about the above problem. Note, that
special arrangements for Debian are not enough to make the license DFSG
compliant. Perhaps the author should consider distributing analog under
GPL. This would make life a lot easier!



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