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Re: This ugly policy discussion on debian-user.

[Shifted to debian-devel]

> 	Where *did* you learn logic? Only non-minor things have
>  causes? 

Elementary school.  What I meant was that there was sufficient reason to
warrant a change instead of it being scoffed at as being too trivial to
alter the status quo.

>  c) aesthetic objections to the new scheme?

Well, admittedly it's pretty ugly, but you're leaving out the "cookie cutter"
comments.  I think that Dave & Paul view the scheme change as symbolic of Debian
sacrificing its quality and ideals for the sake of the CD manufacturers.

>From time to time, I feel like Debian is a little too CD-oriented.  Usually
around those times, Bruce posts something reasonable that assuages my concerns.
I'd think that that wouldn't work for people who think that Bruce is the
antichrist taking kickbacks from Bill Gates.

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