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Re: Show me the money Re: Donations to Debian

[Shifted to debian-devel]

> 	If you do not think that the discussion came to a conclusion
>  (BTW, Bruce did shift from his original proposal), then the proper
>  forum is debian-devel. I did not see your s=comments there. Nobody is
>  squashing dissent. All we are saying that that's the way the
>  developers want it. If you disagree, shift over to debian-devel and
>  we shall attempt for consensus.

I have no objection to the versioning change, and, not coincindentally,
I did not loudly agree when Bruce posted the original RFC, and did not
loudly disagree when the discussion was raging.  I think it's ludicrous
to change it because I fail to comprehend how "1.3.2" will have a significantly
different impact than "1.3 R2", and for precisely that reason I see no
real reason not to do so.

Perhaps debian-user is not the appropriate forum for flame wars about 
administrative issues.  But I don't recall ever being presented with
topic guidelines for any of the lists.  To me, "debian-user" suggests
a venue for Debian users to discuss topics of interest to Debian users.
If a Debian user feels that their favorite distribution is being threatened
by concessions to the Corporate Satan, then where are they supposed to
rant?  debian-politics?  alt.music.pink-floyd?

As a former FidoNet EchoMail moderator, I remember strict, lengthy
definitions of what was on-topic where.  I think Syrus is probably
right in that we should have a list for strictly technical questions.
If that's what debian-user is supposed to be, that should be made clear.
Or clearer, at least.

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