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Re: This ugly policy discussion on debian-user.

>>"Clint" == Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> writes:

Clint> What I meant was that there was sufficient reason to warrant a
Clint> change instead of it being scoffed at as being too trivial to
Clint> alter the status quo.

	I think there is. CD retailers are Debian users, too. Also, I
 think there is little difference between 2.0.1 and 2.0 r1, and if
 that makes sure we do not go the way of betamax (or the nicer
 technology even whose name I don't recall), I am for it. 

	If the silly little name change makes some people happy, and I
 can't see anyone that it harms, and it increases the popularity of
 Debian at the same time, where do I sign up?

	I would be yelling loder than anyone if I though there was a
 technical weakness in the new nomenclature. Like slipstream releases
 would be. But this should be a win-win solution. I am confused by the
 heated opposition.

>> c) aesthetic objections to the new scheme?

Clint> Well, admittedly it's pretty ugly, but you're leaving out the
Clint> "cookie cutter" comments.  I think that Dave & Paul view the
Clint> scheme change as symbolic of Debian sacrificing its quality and
Clint> ideals for the sake of the CD manufacturers.

Clint> From time to time, I feel like Debian is a little too
Clint> CD-oriented. Usually around those times, Bruce posts something
Clint> reasonable that assuages my concerns. I'd think that that
Clint> wouldn't work for people who think that Bruce is the antichrist
Clint> taking kickbacks from Bill Gates.

       Please understand, the 200-odd developers are not in Debian
 for the money, we are generally driven by other motives, and we have
 choosen to donate our work (I get paid at $250.00/hour for
 consulting) for a higher goal, we are not going to throw away our
 dedication to free software for a few lousy bucks, and we are even
 less likely than users to have someone shanghai our work than the
 user community is (we have more invested, after all).


 "Ever free-climbed a thousand foot vertical cliff with 60 pounds of
 gear strapped to your butt?" "No." "'Course you haven't, you
 fruit-loop little geek." The Mountain Man, one of Dana Carvey's SNL
 characters [ditto]
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