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Re: Use of /opt [was: Re: Way to switch easily]

On Aug 19, Fabrizio Polacco wrote
> Bart wrote
> > Indeed. If /usr/local is not to be touched by Debian, the same holds
> > even more for /opt.   /opt is for the local sysadmin.
> Absolutely NO.
> /usr/local is reserved for the local sysadm.
> /opt is free to be (or maybe _must_ be ) used by add-on packages (e.g.
> packages coming from a source different than the OS vendor) which want
> Therefore, if Debian wants to package a program not organized in the
> unix way, it can put it under /opt/xxx and use the debian's installation
> system to put all the symlinks and wrappers that are needed.

Hmm. /usr/doc/debian-policy/fsstnd/tentative-opt-draft.gz seems to agree
with you. I guess I'd better start migrating those /opt's I have to
other names.

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