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Re: Use of /opt [was: Re: Way to switch easily]

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Fabrizio Polacco wrote:

> Therefore, if Debian wants to package a program not organized in the
> unix way, it can put it under /opt/xxx and use the debian's installation
> system to put all the symlinks and wrappers that are needed.
> I think that this would be a good way to build a package like netscape's
> installer, or other packages that we (debian) doesn't want to put under
> /usr (because they are too big, or too ugly, or ... why not, because
> they are non-free ...)

I add to this list of reasons:

  1.  More discrete control of packages to export through NFS.
  2.  Better control of namespaces (files with the same names).
  3.  Better management of different version of the same package.

The last one is what started this thread.

As mentioned there's a lot of prior history for /opt.  Solaris (System
5) uses it extensively.  And its part of the Linux FSSTND.

Jean Pierre

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