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Re: Way to switch easily (Was: Re: Egcs, gcc, and Debian)

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote:
> This isn't scalable.  Our situation here is that we require several
> versions of packages like gcc available simultaneously.  Different
> users will use different versions.
> The solution I like the best is to use the /opt directory layout.
>   /opt/gcc-2.7.0
>   /opt/gcc-2.7.2

I like this.  Then just set an environment variable, GCCDIR, and set it to
point to the appropriate dir.

If we could have directories that were "logical unions" of other
directories, like the Hurd was supposed to have, this would be so easy.

Someone said something about /opt being a ghetto in Linux.  Well, what
better place?  Most major commercial unix's have it. Its Not a Bad Thing
(tm). Its Just Whats Needed.  Wabi already goes in there.

Just as a note: Someone probably IS going to end up writing a symlink
switcher.  But I like the /opt solution.  Its much cleaner.

Don Dibos

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