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Re: Problem building new perl-tk for unstable.


	I think that Rob was talking about Makefiles generated by
 MakeMaker, and hence there is a ``law'', namely, the builtin
 behaviour of the MakeMaker package, which seems to have changed.

	In general, you are right, there is no custom/rule to use


>>"J" == J H M Dassen <jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

J> On Aug 1, Rob Browning wrote
Rob> I used to be able to do the following to trick perl into setting
Rob> things up to run from "/usr", but actually installing in
Rob> debian/tmp/usr: perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=perl $(MAKE) would
Rob> handle the build, and make PREFIX=`pwd`/debian/tmp/usr install
Rob> would put everything under debian/tmp/usr

Rob> This no longer works.  Some of it does, but PREFIX is ignored for
Rob> at least manpages.  Is this a broken behavior in perl's
Rob> installer, or is there some other incantation I should be using?

J> There is no law (or even custom) that says that Makefiles should
J> use PREFIX for this. There appears to be concensus that "install"
J> targets should only install files (not building anything) and that
J> it should be possible to install into another location than the one
J> the build was configured for, for example through PREFIX. If
J> perl-Tk honours PREFIX only part of the time, it could be a
J> misfeature. You should check the Makefile to be sure though. E.g.,
J> it could be using MANPREFIX for the manpages.

J> If you are unsure on how to fix this problem, contact the upstream
J> author and explain what (you're trying to install into a different
J> directory) and why (to build packages for a distribution), and ask
J> him/her how (s)he thinks you should do that.

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