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Re: Problem building new perl-tk for unstable.

jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl writes:

> If perl-Tk honours PREFIX only part of the time, it could be a misfeature.
> You should check the Makefile to be sure though. E.g., it could be using
> MANPREFIX for the manpages.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I was able to solve the problem with
some help from Manoj (thanks Manoj).  Now I just need to figure out
how to make perl-tk quit segfaulting and we'll have a new version, but
that's another thread (any assistance welcome).

He suggested:

thisdir=$(shell pwd)
configure: stamp-configure  Makefile
	-test ! -f stamp-configure && perl Makefile.PL && \
               touch stamp-configure
binary-indep: build stamp-binary
        $(MAKE)  PREFIX=$(thisdir)/debian/tmp/usr \
                 INSTALLDIRS=perl \
                 INSTALLMAN1DIR=$(thisdir)/debian/tmp/usr/man/man1 \
                 INSTALLMAN3DIR=$(thisdir)/debian/tmp/usr/man/man3 \

Thanks again

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