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Re^4: Link to Japanese Debian?

Am 31.07.97 schrieb fpolacco # icenet.fi ...

Moin Fabrizio!

FP> I am very strongly on the side to have a full set of installation disks
FP> where the user can choose the language (with cdrom installation space
FP> isn't an issue anymore; we should also provide disks images for each
FP> language).

That's a nice idea.

FP> This is not the easiest thing because most script should be rewritten in
FP> a language that accept localization.

That's not a real problem in my opinion. It should be possible to use  
different languages in a bash script for example.

FP> Maybe Debian could officially ask to FSF permission to get help from
FP> those well organized teams?

We could found our own translation team.

cu, Marco

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