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Re: pgp 5.0 for Linux beta 11!

> On 6 Aug 1997, Guy Maor wrote:
> > Shaya Potter <spotter@itd.nrl.navy.mil> writes:
> > 
> > > This brings up the point, when are we going to be able to use pgp 5 to
> > > sign our package files.
> > 
> > When there's a Debian package of it, I'll install it on novare, and we
> > can use it.
> It's binary only now cause it's beta, and this binary will die at a
> certain point, so I'm not sure if any wants to package it up.

Packaging it up would be illegal at this point, because the binary is 
available to US citizens only, and export is prohibited.  By packaging the 
beta, and putting it on our site, debian  could be accused of illegally 
exporting PGP.  Full pgp 5.0 linux source is promised to be made available in 
September.  Shortly thereafter, it will be exported, and packaging pgp for 
non-us would be possible.

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