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Re: Solaris-Debian Installation Instructions and FTP site

Christoph Lameter wrote:

> Problems:
> A. Lots
> B. Functioning of dpkg or debmake depends on the presence of a bunch
>    of freeware packages which are not yet available for SunOS.
>    I am running quite a number from opcom.sun.ca:/pub/freeware to
>    make do for now.
> C. By installing dpkg you are running two conflicting package
>    managers on the same machine. Installing debian packages
>    will replace SunOS binaries! Usually Freeware is much better
>    than SunOS but there might be incompatibilities.
> D. Most packages under Linux assume that /bin/sh = /bin/bash.
>    This is not true under Solaris and might cause some problems.
>    Make sure that you have bash-2.0 installed in /bin/bash!

E. The packages have the same names as the packages for the Linux
kernel. (i.e. sparcLinux)


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