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Re^4: Link to Japanese Debian?

Am 01.08.97 schrieb masoto # uniandes.edu.co ...

Moin Martin!

MASJ> Wouldn't it be better to translate the whole Packages file at once
MASJ> instead if doing a separated translation for each package?  I think

That's not a good idea in my opinion. We should include the translated  
description in the control file.

MASJ> dealing with translations for many languages would imply a serious
MASJ> burden for every maintainer, while translating a single (although big)
MASJ> packages file is a job that can be reasonably performed by a small
MASJ> (and easy to coordinate) team of translators.  Additionally, I think

If we set up teams for the translations, there's no problem to produce a  
translation in one week.

cu, Marco

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