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Solaris-Debian Installation Instructions and FTP site

Installating Debian under Solaris

1. Get the contents of ftp.fuller.edu/Solaris

2. Untar the dpkg*nondebbin.tar.gz as root
   in the root directory:

   cd /
   tar zxvf <where-ever it is>/dpkg*tar.gz

3. Install the solaris-base-files package.
   You need to specify
   to install it since dpkg will not be able to
   find ldconfig until that package is installed.

   dpkg --force-bad-path -i solaris-base-files*

4. Install the other packages using dpkg.
   You might have to use
   a couple of times since Solaris might have
   the software a package is depending but which
   is not registered with dpkg.


You can install all debian packages from the binary-all
sections on the Debian Mirrors. For Architecture dependant
packages you have to get files from


If you have packaged some stuff yourself then please tell me about
it and I will make it available here.


A. Lots

B. Functioning of dpkg or debmake depends on the presence of a bunch
   of freeware packages which are not yet available for SunOS.
   I am running quite a number from opcom.sun.ca:/pub/freeware to
   make do for now.

C. By installing dpkg you are running two conflicting package
   managers on the same machine. Installing debian packages
   will replace SunOS binaries! Usually Freeware is much better
   than SunOS but there might be incompatibilities.

D. Most packages under Linux assume that /bin/sh = /bin/bash.
   This is not true under Solaris and might cause some problems.
   Make sure that you have bash-2.0 installed in /bin/bash!

Christoph Lameter, <clameter@waterf.org> August 2, 1997

Current Contents of ftp site:

INSTALL                              dpkg_1.4.0.8_sparc.nondebbin.tar.gz
base-files_1.3.5-1.diff.gz           fileutils_3.16-5_sparc.deb
base-files_1.3.5-1.dsc               grep-2.0.diff
base-files_1.3.5-1_i386.changes      grep_2.0-12_sparc.deb
debmake_3.3.10_sparc.deb             patch_2.1-11_sparc.deb
dpkg-                   patch_2.2-2_sparc.deb
dpkg-dev_1.4.0.8_all.deb             suidmanager_0.7_all.deb

--- +++ --- +++ --- +++ --- +++ --- +++ --- +++ --- +++ ---

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