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Re: Summary? Re: source dependencies - and recomndations

Vincent Renardias wrote
> Source-Depends: java-bytecode-compiler
> So it can be either Sun's JDK or guavac on i386, while non-i386 arch. will
> have no choice than guavac.

what happends you compile a package with flex, and everything works ok,
but you get strange bug reports from other people. it could take a lot
to figure out, that they use a version compile with lex, and this is the
source of the bug. (i don't know lex and flex. the example also works
with jdk and guavac).

> Also those packages will very often correspond to a given funcitonality,
> so most of the necessary virtual packages names already exists (as
> "java-bytecode-compiler" already exists for example)

i don't want to hunt down such bugs. remember the bugs with bash 1.x and
2.x ? that was the same package. there could be fare more bugs with
different packages, that are nearly the same. and i don't have extra
free time, to check if my isdn package, compiled with tcl76 will also
compile with tix74, and maintain all versions.


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