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Re: source dependencies

>>"Yann" == Yann Dirson <dwitch@monge.univ-mlv.fr> writes:

Yann> James Troup writes:
>> Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:
>> > > How about automake?  automake creates Makefiles, before
>> packageing a program.  so you don't need it to compile it.
>> Well it's definitely run a lot during debian/rules build runs on my
>> machine...

Yann> Then I think those packages' 'rules' should be modified to allow
Yann> it not to be installed. I think that's the GNU policy, at least,
Yann> so it should be possible to apply to Debian.

Yann> Maybe it should even be specified in Debian Policy (or another
Yann> such document) thatneither automake, nor autoconf, nor any other
Yann> such tools (libtool, gettext, etc.) should be used to run
Yann> "debian/rules build".

	I agree. The maintainer should have patched the config.in
 files and run automake already, (I presume it is like autoconf, so
 that a configure like script is created[maybe called Makefile]). 

	I, too, think this should be policy, unless someone can show a
 technical reason why automake/autoconf need be re-run for _every_


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