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Re: source dependencies

On Jul 25, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> 	I agree. The maintainer should have patched the config.in
>  files and run automake already, (I presume it is like autoconf, so
>  that a configure like script is created[maybe called Makefile]). 
> 	I, too, think this should be policy, unless someone can show a
>  technical reason why automake/autoconf need be re-run for _every_
>  build. 

what automake does :
a) additional AM_ commands for configure.in. generates aclocal.m4 with
the sourc weof these additional commands. adds the files "install-sh
missing mkdirhir" if they are missing
b) creates Makefile.in from Makefile.am

Makefile.am might look :
hello_SOURCES=hello.c hl-linux.c

Makefile.in is the standard gnu Makefile.in with full configure support
(prefix, exec_prefix ...), and all targets (clean distclean mostlyclan
install ...) : it's a Makefile described by the gnu Makefile standard.

with make dist, a tar.gz is created, that has Makefile.in and configure
scripts included. Both should work on any system without changes, and 
you don't need to change them, so you don't need autoconf or automake to
build the package.

At work i replaced most Makefiles with automake and configure, and i
like that. With automake you explain what you have (source, header
files, manpages). automake know's what to do with these files (compile,
install, create source tar.gz for distribution, so you don't need to
manage that.


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