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Re: Non-free, Contrib and CDs (Was Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.)

> > Maybe starting with hamm a better categorization could be used. Like:
> >
> >   -Non-US    (already exists)
> >   -No-profit (can't be sold for profit)
> >   -No-sell   (can't be sold even for cost)
> >   -Rest-use  (restricted use)*

"restricted" is probably better.

> >   -Stub      (installers - these can always be sold as they're made by us)*

Why can't installers go into "main"?

> >   -Depprobl  (free stuff that depends on non-free stuff, like motif apps)*

This section could get pretty confusing.  Perhaps just "other"?

> > This makes things clearer for admins and CD vendors. Stuff marked with a *
> > would go into official CDs.
> Agreed, although I'd also add a 'Orphaned/Obsolete' section.
> The problem with the current scheme is that no package in non-free is
> distributed on any CD, although many (most?) packages in this section
> could be.

There is already "project/orphaned".

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