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Re: Non-free, Contrib and CDs (Was Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.)

On Jul 16, Bill Mitchell wrote
> On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Lalo Martins wrote:
> >   -Depprobl  (free stuff that depends on non-free stuff, like motif apps)*
>     -Dep-prob  (better name?)

No, sounds like it probes something. Maybe "depend-p"?

> Also, I've seen complaints that dselect couldn't handle installing
> some areas (contrib?  non-US?).  I think I've also seen complaints
> that there were problems uploading non-US packages.  Perhaps it would
> be useful to couple a redo of "non-free" and "contrib" with regularization
> of the directory structure on ftp sites and their expected locations on
> user systems.  Perhaps something like the following:
> On a Debian FTP site or mirror (US and Non-US):
>     Debian-X.Y --> codename
>     codename/
>       Debian-X.Y/     # main distribution
>       Non-US/         # would be empty, or README only, in U.S.
>       No-profit/      # no resale for profit
>       ...             # the rest of the stuff from above
> The subdirs below codename/ would all have a consistent structure
> (source, doc, binary-{arch}, etc).

Not exactly. Debian-X.Y/*/ are still split into sections, while others have
packages directly. What about: (for ftp, CDs, user's local systems alike)

      Debian-X.Y -> codename
         codename/        # main distribution; this could also be called
                          # "main", "free" or "debian"
            */            # source, doc, binary-*
               */         # sections
         non-free/        # everything else
            README/       # has some files explaining non-free
            */            # source, doc, binary-*
               No-profit/ # can't be sold for profit
               ...        # other "sections" of non-free
         local/           # on a user's box, local stuff; on a CD, vendor
                          # additions; on ftp, local releases (why?)
                          # any main or non-free section may be present
# ONLY on user machines:
         updates/         # files here take precedence

This can make it hard to burn non-official CDs, I don't know - but it's
consistent, and consistence is one of the reasons I use Debian in the first

Then _any_ non-desired directory is replaced with a symlink to ../README and
we're gone.

dselect, deity etc would search first in updates, then local; then it
figures if the section is a free or non-free one and checks accorddingly on
free or non-free.

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