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Re: Loong Vacation !

> Hi !
> I just wanted to announce that I will take off for a three month
> Canada trip tomorrow. I suppose hamm won't be released until I'm back
> online. I will continue to maintain my packages when I'm back. If
> somebody wants to upgrade or recompile one of my packages for libc6 in
> the meantime go ahead and do a non maintainer upload. Here are the
> packages (all are libc5):
> ftape-2.0.30-3.03a:
> This is probably the most time critical. There is an ftape-3.03b
> pending but not officially released (support for 2GB Ditto). And it
> should be recompiled if 2.0.31 appears. If somebody could take care of
> this package in the meantime I would be grateful.

I will take care of this package while Christian is away unless someone 

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