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Re: new approach: Documentation Policy

Brian White writes:
 > > Can't deity be implemented to match something like
 > > 
 > >         /usr/doc/*/html
 > > 
 > > too? I wouldn't like to "centralize" documentation again. (We already had
 > > /usr/doc/copyright and /usr/doc/examples, but they have been removed.)
 > Probably, yes.  The original design only called for prefixes because it
 > also allowed replacements -- changing the prefix so someone could do
 > something like move all man pages from /usr/man to /usr/share/man.
 > Such replacements is much more difficult to implement when you can have
 > wildcards anywhere in the path.

What about using a sed-like mechanism (I mean, in s/.../.../
commands) allowing rules as "/usr/doc/examples/\1 ->

BTW allowing such rules to be set up at any time after package
installation would provide a mechanism to "locally fix" packages using
an old version of the policy, without systematically re-downloading
them (in case just the layout has changed).

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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