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Re: new approach: Documentation Policy

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Brian White wrote:

> > Packages that contain programs with GNU info manuals, should provide
> > the manuals in HTML _and_ texinfo source (i.e. "*.texi") format. The
> > HTML files should be stored in the directory
> >         /usr/doc/<pkg-name>/html-info/
> I would suggest storing html documentation under /usr/html (much like
> /usr/man and /usr/info) or possibly /usr/html/package.
> This will allow better processing by the future Deity for selective
> install of documentation types.

Can't deity be implemented to match something like


too? I wouldn't like to "centralize" documentation again. (We already had
/usr/doc/copyright and /usr/doc/examples, but they have been removed.)



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