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you cannot update to xfree 3.3 if you have a mitsumi cdrom


the story is:
mitsumi extended cdrom driver (mcdx.c) registers as "Mitsumi CD-ROM" in
/proc/devices. it should register as "mcdx", and this bug will be fixed
in 2.0.31. but with "Mitsumi CD-ROM" makedev will not work. But xfree
3.3 needs /dev/tty0, so it creates this file with makedev.
result : you can not install xfree 3.3 if you have a mitsumi cdrom
(and use the mcd driver (for non atapi cdroms)).

bugfix : new kernel (i think 2.0.{29,30}-7 or older are patched, 
but i don't know for sure).

if we had something like a support database, this would be the right
place to store this information.

this was for your information only
(i thought it couldn't hurt to make a not of this somewhere).

regards, andreas

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