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Re: Packaging system improvements

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Brian White wrote:

> > 3a. I propose we use "/usr/src" as the base location, and then divide
> >     the packaged into sections as done with the archive in binaries,
> >     so e.g. the source for CVS would be unpacked into
> >     "/usr/src/devel/cvs-1.9-4". We might also want symbolic links for
> >     binary package names, e.g. "/usr/src/devel/cvs-pcl".
> Sounds reasonable.

 I don't think so. Package's sources shouldn't be `installed in the
 * Developing for Debian is an user task, not a root task.
 * A user should be able to set a debian development environment in
machines where he doesn't have root access.
 * Several users in a system should be able to have their own package
sources without interference.

 So I propose that we have a `source packages repository'. That's it: a
standard tree structure that can be anywhere and owned by everyone. It
could have status files in the base level, and directories with the
packages' actual source. This way any user of a system can create a debian
development environment, and if they want to share sources they can share
its environment thrpugh CVS.

Nicolás Lichtmaier.-

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