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Re: policy discussion leader

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Address the messages to him and copy them to the mailing list.

I've wondered about how to handle this in debian-devel postings,
and I'm still wondering.

Many of the debian-devel messages I see are To: and/or Cc: several
developers, and also To: or Cc: debian-devel.  When I'm on the
To: or Cc: list in such messages, I get two copies -- one directly
and another remailed thru the list.  This is slightly irritating
to me.

Also, I've noted several developers who habitually include a
caution in their debian-devel messages that they don't want
messages which are sent to the list to be also sent to them
individually.  I can respect such cautions when I see them,
but I'd violate them if I was following up a message which
didn't repeat the cqaution statement andq which had an individually
addressed copy going to such a developer.

I've adopted a practice of not sending individually addressed
copies of messages which I send to debian-devel -- figuring
that just one copy of the message is probably sufficient on
the receiving end.  (This message is an exception -- I'm
sending an individually addressed copy to Bruce).

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