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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

>>>>>>>> On Fri, 4 Jul 1997, Nils wrote:

 Nils> -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE ANALYSIS----- Key matching
 Nils> expected Key ID 21066D0D not found in file
 Nils> '/home/staff/borik/.pgp/pubring.pgp'.
 Nils> WARNING: Can't find the right public key-- can't check
 Nils> signature integrity. -----END PGP MESSAGE ANALYSIS-----
 Nils> It occurs to me as strange that noone in this debate had
 Nils> mentioned the transname patch, available in the 2.1 sources. It
 Nils> was developed as a solution to exactly the same problem Vadim
 Nils> describes.
 Nils> Please read
 Nils> /path_to_kernel-2.1_source/Documentation/transname.txt
 Nils> I then suggest to mount /usr and /etc from the central server.
 Nils> /etc could overmount an existing /etc with a minimum of files
 Nils> in it needed while /usr is not reachable.
 Nils> Nils
 Nils> -- \ / | Nils Rennebarth --* WINDOWS 42 *-- | Schillerstr. 61 /
 Nils> \ | 37083 Göttingen | ++49-551-71626 Micro$oft's final answer |
 Nils> http://www.nus.de/~nils

No, this is crazy. What about /etc/passwd and what about the init.d
dir what about /etc/ssh_host_key, issue, hostname, lilo.conf, X11
and so on?!


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