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Re: licence problems: what to do with kdeapps and kvt

Craig Sanders:
> while you're modifying kdeapps, can you make it use mini icons for the
> menu package? It really irks me to have so much valuable screen space
> taken up by ugly huge icons. It's worse than annoying, too. Neither fvwm
> nor fvwm95 can scroll menus which are longer than the screen is high
> - if a menu is too long to display (e.g. screensavers menu), then you
> don't get to see all of the menu.

This is on my todo:

* The icons in the menus are too big and colorful for debian menus. We need
  an icon standard!

And we really do need something in policy about what icons are allowed.
Right now, I'm just using the ones that come with kde, and I agree they're
too big and too many colors, but I haven't had time to fix it yet. I'd like
to see an icon policy first, so I could just make the icons comply to it.
> I installed kde just to see what it was like - there may be more going on
> in the background that hasn't been released yet but they seem to be doing
> a fine job of making Linux just like Windows...buggy, bloated, minimal
> features, based on proprietary code (qt), useless text editor, but with a
> very nice minesweeper game. 

The diwnodws touches are disturbing (have you looked ad kfind... eeew!).
But, I find kdm + kpanel are far better than fvwm2, even in this alpha
state. That's really all the kde stuff I'd use at present.

see shy jo

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