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Re: licence problems: what to do with kdeapps and kvt

cas@taz.net.au (Craig Sanders) writes:

> I installed kde just to see what it was like - there may be more going on
> in the background that hasn't been released yet but they seem to be doing
> a fine job of making Linux just like Windows...buggy, bloated, minimal
> features, based on proprietary code (qt), useless text editor, but with a
> very nice minesweeper game. 
This is the negative perspective viewing at KDE especially since it
hasn't even reached beta stage (i wouldn't even bother debianizing the
whole thing given it's present stage of development).  Don't forget
about the positive side of it all: identical user interface for all
apps, drag and drop between the apps and configurability of the
desktop using a mouse based method.  This makes it perfect for the
casual user who is more interested in useability than power usage.

Yes, the apps have minimal features but the casual user is probably
not wanting anything else only to irritate him.  Those who want more
powerful software still have the choice of using it.  Emacs for
example works just fine in the KDE environment. ;-) And all other
programs you are used to as well.  But the casual user will feel very
much more at home with a simple editor like kedit which BTW has the
advantage of being far better useable than xedit.
> What does kvt do that xterm can't, anyway? I really can't see a need
> for yet another xterm-type program (with the possible exception of a
> NextStep like Terminal app - I much prefer xterm, but still like Next's
> Terminal)
The beauty of KDE is that you can keep on using the programs you
prefer.  I'd never want to exchange xterm for kvt either!

> There are some nice-ish ideas in the whole K desktop project....but,
> IMO, they count for less than nothing because they are based on a
> non-free GUI toolkit.
Well, that's another story ... :-( But all in all i consider the
efforts of the KDE team a major step in making Linux more accesible to
the Win95 spoiled people out there.
                                          Cheers, P. *8^)
   Paul Seelig                         pseelig@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de
   African Music Archive - Institute for Ethnology and Africa Studies
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