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Re: Looking for help. . .

karlheg+debian@inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:


>  Unless you really need windows for business or something, the best
> thing to do is just install Linux, and tell `fdisk' (the Linux one) to
> just turn it into an ext2fs partition.

Of course, you really mean to turn it into one ext2fs partition and
one small swap partition.  And with the bigger disks available now, it
can help to make a third even smaller partition at the _start_ of the
disk for /boot, to keep LILO happy.

On the original posters' query about Partition Magic: If you have it
make some free space on your disk, you can use Linux fdisk to create
the new Linux partitions there.  You will of course have backed up
your Windoze files anyway, since by Murphy's Law the effort you put
into this will be wasted.  Once you install Debian (good choice) you
can "mount" your old Windoze partition and read all your files from it
very easily.

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