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Re: Bug#10902: Device driver 3c59x hangs

Mark Burgess wrote:
> Hello. I am grief stricken because I cannot get debian running
> on my new PC which has a 3 com 905 XL netcard. As I understand
> it the correct driver for this card is the module 3c59x.
> This is the only driver which will install.
> INstallation proceeds fine, and ifconfig -a shows that the
> interface comes up, but there is no contact with the network
> via the 10baseT connection. The same PC will run NT (spit spit).
> I have seen a version of RedHat linux 2.4 run this driver
> without problems and have seen earlier complaints about
> problems with the driver. Perhaps the latest (fixed) version
> could be made available on the debian boot disks as soon
> as possible. But I don't want redhat!

The version we have is newer than the one in the standard kernel but is
not the latest one.  What do people think of v0.41 (the latest one)? Is
it stable enough compared to 0.30?
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