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Looking for help. . .

I've recently subscribed to a couple of your mailing lists to find out more
about Linux.  I have average to above "average" knowledge of the computer
using DOS, and windows95.  I'm going to be installing Linux on my hard drive
using Partition Magic.  I've visited several sites that offer Linux, and I
must say that Debian is very impressive to me.  I will probably be using
Debian on my computer.  You probably get this question all the time, but I
know nothing about programing as of yet.  I'm really trying to get started
and have gone into many chat rooms to ask question about installing linux
and what do I do first, and what do I do now type thing.  I haven't gotten
anywhere.  The main reason I'm installing Linux is because I am a mudder...
have been for years.  I want to start my own mud, and the only way I can
program source code is with Linux, or a good c++ compiler.  I'm told that
using Linux is the easiest way.  Sorry for the much chatter here... here's
my question.  What advice can you give to me?  I haven't done anything but
download a few zipped files so far.  I haven't even installed partition
magic yet.  I've been afraid that once I install partition magic... I won't
be able to access the zip'd files that I have saved in various folders in
windows.  Can I do this?  How do I put Linux specifically on my hard drive?
I'm willing to format the whole drive if need be.  Anyway, was curious if
you could give me some advice.

Thank you for your time,


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