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Re: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

On Jun 27, Christian Schwarz wrote

> I wrote exactly the same thing in Perl (on your request!) some time ago. I
> have attached it to this mail.
> I don't know which version is better. It looks like Lars' implementation
> has hard coded a lot of HTML tags for processing. Mine is based on Perl's
> HTML::Parser class and is thus independent of any specific HTML tags.

"better"?  I'm not sure if this is important.  If the tool should
be used on every system, we should use the perl tool.  We cannot
recommend another high-level interpreter (python) - perl should be enough.

> # Currently, we have a problem with compressed HTML: we can access
> # compressed HTML fine, but links don't work very well. The problem
> # is that the link says "foo.html", and the actual file is
> # "foo.html.gz",
> # and the browsers and servers aren't intelligent enough to handle
> # this invisibly. This means that we can't install compressed HTML, if
> # it contains links.

Wouldn't it be a cool project if we would improve all Debian used
browsers to handle this and give back the code to the upstream
release?  I like the idea.

Regards... Joey

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