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Re: why are shared libs chmod +x? (again)

On Jun 25, David Frey wrote
> --------
> On Sun, Jun 1 1997 21:24 +0200 Christian Schwarz writes: 
> > Can someone tell me why shared libs should be installed executable?
> > (Actually, Christoph Lameter wants to know this, cf. #7129, but since I
> > don't know this either I'll redirect the question to this list.)
> > 
> > This is current policy and I want to add a small note to the paragraph
> > stating the reasons for this.
> What was the answer, why shared libraries are mode 755?
> I'd suggest to revert them back to 644:
> (david@eos) ~$/lib/libreadline.so.2.1
> Segmentation fault
> (I'd expected a better error message like `no binary' or something
>  like that).


And since we're basically recompiling all the libraries for 2.0, this would
be a good time to make the change. If no one can provide a good reason for
libraries being 755, I say we revert them to 644.


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