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fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

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During the recent thread on providing documentation in HTML,
the need to compress it was pointed out. The compression itself
is a trivial application of find, xargs, and gzip (or just gzip,
of course), but that changes the files, so that links within
the documentation break.

Things work if you read the documentation through dwww, since
dwww gives you foo.html.gz, if it exists and foo.html doesn't
exist. That doesn't help if you browse the filesystem directly,
and not via dwww and a web server.

I hacked together a Python program that converts the links
in the files themselves. It is attached.

I've tried it with one of my own packages (sex), and it seems
to work. Browsing the filesystem directly works, if the browser
can handle gzipped files. Lynx works; Netscape 3.01 doesn't
work, but I seem to recall that an earlier version did work.
Someone familiar with mailcap might be able to get Netscape
to work as well.


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