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Re: "Amulet" GUI toolkit

On Jun 27, Graham C. Hughes wrote
> There's a slight problem with that, BTW.  From the Amulet documentation: 
> Amulet is available for free by anonymous FTP or WWW. ... The only
> restriction is that the documentation for Amulet is copyrighted, so  you
> cannot distribute the Amulet manual or papers without  permission from
> CMU. 

That's a problem. Can you ask CMU what the reason is behind this? Maybe they
can be persuaded to allow us to distribute them, provided there is a header
stating "CMU is not responsible...." or somesuch.
Worst case scenario: if they cannot be persuaded, an "amulet-doc-installer"
package could be made that wget -r 's it on behalf of the user.

> To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure if that lets me download the
> docs. 

<A HREF="#ftphtml">download your own version</a>.

So I think that is allowed.

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