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Re: Documentation Policy

Mark Eichin writes:
 > > /usr/info/emacs-info. I suggest to split this off into a new package
 > > called "emacs-doc-info". In addition, we should create an "emacs-doc-html"
 > Interesting.  Not really an option, though; as far as emacs is
 > concerned, that's part of how it documents itself.
 > This html/info split may make sense for other packages (I'm
 > unconvinced) but it does *not* make sense for emacs in particular.

This could probably be worked around by making `emacs' Recommend:ing
`emacs-doc-info', aknowledging emacs' priviledged relation towards
info, while still allowing sysadmins to just install HTML on their own
mono-user PCs.

Yann Dirson

e-mail: dirson@univ-mlv.fr

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