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Re: Documentation Policy

James R. Van Zandt writes:
 > There is an alternative I think we should consider.  Let each binary
 > package include both .info and .html files.  Give dpkg two additional
 > switches --no-html and --no-info which would be used with -i.  These
 > would cause dpkg to immediately remove /usr/doc/foo/*html or any files
 > installed in /usr/info, respectively.  Diety could still manage the
 > sysadmin's preferences, but the only effect would be to add the above
 > switches to the dpkg command line.  If the sysadmin changes his mind,
 > he could simply reinstall the binary packages.
 > This had the disadvantage of taking up more space on the mirrors and
 > CDROMs -- there is a copy of the documentation in the binary package
 > for each architecture.  However, I think it would be much simpler to
 > implement and administer.

This is IMHO definitely inacceptable: you forget network bandwidth,
and phone communications to ISP for users (eg. french) who still have
to pay for local calls :(

Yann Dirson

e-mail: dirson@univ-mlv.fr

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